Kerry and the Red Sox – Team Effort for the White House

December 22, 2010

(PRWEB) October 28, 2004

The Red Sox are on track to break an 86-year-old curse. And in less than one week, voters go to the polls. Two completely unrelated events? Absolutely not, says one website launched this week to propose an unlikely political partnership–a Kerry/Red Sox ticket to take the White House.

In many ways, the John Kerry and Red Sox partnership is a natural fit. Both hail from Boston, both have benefited from their own “October Surprise,” and both aim to swing–one voters, one bats.

Designed by Columbia University student and Boston native Nate Bliss with the help of friends, is fast becoming one of the hottest stops for political bloggers in need of some quirky humor.

The Kerry/Red Sox ticket have a detailed plan for America: World Peace, National Security, Economy & Jobs, and Beer. With the Curse of Bambino taken care of, there is no stopping a Kerry/Red Sox team. is accessible at


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