I Pass Chicago and Chicago Cubs I Pass Holders

December 24, 2010

If you use an I Pass for traveling the tollways in Illinois, you know that you are saving money as well as time with this system.  Rather than wait at the toll booth and pay a high toll for being able to travel on 294 or 350 or the other toll roads in the Chicago metro area, you can breeze right through the I Pass lanes when you have an I Pass Chicago.  There are many benefits to owning this pass that makes it more convenient and cheaper to travel the toll roads.  Since these roads are major arteries to get in and around the Chicago area quickly, if you use them you pretty much need to use the I Pass Chicago to save on the high cost of tolls.  The problem with these devics is that they are very obtrusive looking from the outside of your vehicle.  Although they are installed in the inside windshield, they do not look attractive from the outside and can also invite theft.  You can cover this up by using A Chicago Cubs I Pass holder.  Chicago Cubs I Pass holders sport the logo for this National League Chicago baseball team. 


If you are a die hard Chicago Cubs fan who is always looking for that magic year when the team will make it to the World Series, then you need to show as much support for this team as possible.  If you own an I Pass, then you can support the Cubs by sporting a Chicago I Pass holder that will give your team as much support as possible.  You cannot possibly give the Cubs too much support in their baseball efforts, so it makes sense for anyone who is a Cubs fan to get a Chicago Cubs I Pass holder to cover up their I Pass in their car and display the logo for the team so that others can see it.  This I Pass holder will also work on other devices that are similar in other parts of the country, particularly around the East where tollways are more frequent. 


You do not have to display a Chicago Cubs I Pass holder if you do not want to.  If you wish, you can support any team for the various sports that are followed in the United States.  You can choose from teams in baseball, football, basketball and hockey as well as choose NASCAR logos if you want to display an I Pass holder with such a logo.  If you are a Cubs fan, however, you will definitely want to show your undying support for this Chicago baseball team by purchasing a Chicago Cubs I Pass Holder.  This will cover up the I Pass Chicago transponder so others cannot see it through the windshield. 


You will not only benefit from owning an I Pass as you travel the tollways in Illinois by saving money and time, but you will also benefit when it comes to gas mileage as well.  Stopping and starting all of the time diminishes your gas mileage and also takes its toll on your brakes.  In addition, the dangers approaching and getting out of the toll gates are always there, especially as you have to now merge with traffic in the I Pass lanes where no one is stopping.  It makes good sense to use an I Pass Chicago when you are using the tollroads. 


Even if you are traveling downstate, you will still run into toll roads in Illinois.  You cannot avoid the toll roads in some cases if you are traveling in the Chicago area, especially if you are trying to get to the city, around the city or to the airport.  This is why you need to have an I Pass Chicago.  If you are a Chicago Cubs fan, you can make it all the better by showing your support for the team and saving yourself money by getting a Chicago Cubs I Pass holder for your car.  You can travel the tollways cheaper and safer in this way and also give your support to the Cubs. 

If you travel the tollways in Illinois, especially in the Chicago metro area, you need to have the I Pass Chicago. If you want to also show your support for the Chicago Cubs baseball team, you can get a Cubs I Pass holder when you go to Logo Toll Tags.

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