Fantazzle Fantasy Sports Games Adds Weekly Fantasy Racing Games and Fantasy Golf Games to Its Growing Fantasy Sports Website

December 16, 2010

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Fantazzle Fantasy Sports Games Adds Weekly Fantasy Racing Games and Fantasy Golf Games to Its Growing Fantasy Sports Website

Fantasy Sports Games – Fantasy Racing Games & Fantasy Golf Games

Arlington VA (PRWEB) April 10, 2009

Fantazzle Fantasy Sports Games has added fantasy racing and fantasy golf to their growing list of unique fantasy sports games at Fantasy racing and golf will join fantasy football, fantasy basketball, and fantasy baseball games as the newest additions to their list of weekly fantasy sports contests on the popular fantasy games website. The games pit players against each other on a weekly basis for immediate cash prizes and will attract racing and golf fans as well as fantasy sports fans in general.

“Fantazzle is working to create fantasy sports games for all sports”, says Fantazzle CEO Ryan Parr, “and with the NASCAR season heating up and the golf majors starting, there is no better time than the present to offer our unique weekly fantasy games format for golf and auto racing.” Fantasy golf and auto racing games join fantasy baseball as the newest additions to Fantazzle’s fantasy sports website. These games join fantasy football and fantasy basketball which were released this past year.

The Fantasy Racing Challenge Game is a fantasy racing game that follows the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Players select a team of fantasy drivers they expect to perform well in races for a particular week. Drivers accumulate fantasy points based on their performance and the fantasy team with the most points at the end of each race will win a cash prize. The point system is similar to that of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, rewarding drivers based on their finishing position and adding bonus points for other accomplishments during the race. Cash prizes are awarded immediately after the race ends.

The Fantasy Golf Challenge Game is a fantasy golf game played in the same manner. Players select a team of golfers where the outcome is based on stats from weekly tournaments of the PGA Tour. Scoring for fantasy golf games is based on the final finishing position of each golfer in that week’s PGA tournament.

The Fantasy Racing Challenge and Fantasy Golf Challenge utilize Fantazzle’s hallmark short duration fantasy game format. Fantazzle’s unique fantasy games setup allows players to play week to week with no season long commitment. Each game crowns a winner at the end of each race or golf tournament instead of at the end of the season. This gives players a chance to participate in more games per fantasy season and create new fantasy teams based on particular game matchups and conditions. The weekly game format requires less commitment than traditional fantasy games and pays cash prizes immediately. Once a new race or golf tournament begins, a player can opt to play or not to play. Fantasy basketball, fantasy football and fantasy baseball are played in this format as well.

Like all games offered at Fantazzle, the golf and racing games allow players to select the size of the league they want to play in, as well as the entry fee. These variables will determine the cash prize amount that will be awarded to the winner of the game. In addition to the entry fee games, Fantazzle also offers free fantasy racing games and free fantasy golf games. These free fantasy games award cash prizes and allow players to play fantasy games for free with no risk.

Fantazzle’s fantasy golf and fantasy racing games appeal to fans of both sports and will draw fantasy sports fans from the North American fantasy sports market estimated to be 30 million strong (FSTA). Fantazzle has also released two fantasy baseball games – Fantasy Baseball Pick’em and the Fantasy Baseball Challenge which will be announced later this week.

About Fantazzle Fantasy Sports Games

Fantazzle Fantasy Sports Games Inc. is a fantasy sports games company created by fantasy enthusiasts who are creating “the best fantasy games website online”. The company launched in September of 2008 for the fantasy football season and shortly after rolled out fantasy basketball games. Their mission is to become the world leader in non-traditional fantasy games by establishing a fantasy sports community that provides the best skill games and fantasy sports promotions in the industry. They are a U.S. corporation and a member of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA). In January of 2009, Fantazzle surprised the fantasy sports industry by being recognized jointly by the FSTA and the Fantasy Football Librarian as the winner of the 2008 Fantasy Football Projection Accuracy Challenge in their first year of operation. Fantasy games offered by Fantazzle include fantasy football, fantasy basketball, fantasy golf, fantasy baseball, fantasy hockey, and fantasy racing. Fantazzle is free to join and prospective members may sign up anytime at



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