Fantasy Baseball Sleepers

December 11, 2010

Good morning, today will be part 1 of my recommendation for fantasy baseball sleepers. I’m going to be talking about my special picks for 2010 fantasy baseball sleepers that are pitchers. The key way that I work out what a fantasy sleeper is, is by taking a look at their BAA which is Batting Average Against. First may I explain why I believe BAA is a vital statistic took watch when you’re hunting for Fantasy Baseball Sleepers. When a pitcher has a low BAA this implies that it is extraordinarily hard for batters to get hits off them. Now, this statistic doesn’t take into account the walks or pasted balls and stuff like that. This is the exact reason why the little quantity of pitchers with a low Batting Average Against have not been talked about in the top fantasy baseball rankings anywhere.

This brings me to what I will say is one of my specializations, that is, finding fantasy baseball sleepers which I decide using this technique of taking a look at the BAA. One of my top sleeper pitchers is Clayton Kershaw. Clayton had a Batting Average Against of .200 in 2009. If you’re pronouncing O.K what does that suggest, let us compare this number to the no 1 ranked fantasy pitcher in baseball for 2010, Tim Lincecum, he had a BAA of .206 last year. So this proves batters had a much tougher time hitting pitches thrown from Kershaw then from Lincecum. The problem here is that Kershaw does have a high tendency to give away free bases lots of batters. If he will be able to cut back on the quantity of free passes he gives up during his season I think he has got an excellent chance to evolve into one of the top-notch pitchers in baseball, thus one of my top fantasy baseball sleepers for this up coming 2010 baseball season.

This concludes the first part of my fantasy baseball sleepers on the pitching side. Tomorrow I’ll be talking about the offensive side of baseball. Like what’s all of the hype about Carlos Gonzalez? Why is he on all of the top sleeper boards across the web and plastered all over the fantasy baseball magazines? I’m going to explain some of my reasons why I believe Gonzalez is exploding into the fantasy baseball sleepers scene. You could be shocked by a number of things I need to say about him and some of the other top sleepers that are being discussed this early in the 2010 fantasy baseball season!

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