Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft Strategy

December 19, 2010

Today I’m going to give you my three straightforward steps that I take before I start my fantasy baseball mock draft. These are my awfully personal secret steps that I’ve been doing for many years to help me achieve success in what actually counts, draft day.

To find out what the strategy is that I use to prepare a fantasy baseball mock draft then you want to keep reading. Be exceptionally careful when reading and take notes on what I’m about to inform you about because this may change your fortune in fantasy baseball.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Step 1 – Rankings

Setup all of your fantasy baseball rankings before entering your fantasy baseball mock draft however do not be like those massive websites that pump out over hundreds of rankings for each position. You want narrow your rankings for your Mock Draft to just the top fifteen players at every infield position and then the top thirty pitchers and outfielders. That’s IT!!! There isn’t any reason why you have to go beyond this because for goodness sakes there are customarily only around ten to twelve members in any particular fantasy baseball league. So if you only rank the amount of players I have advised for each position then you’ll instantly be in front of the curve.

Step 2 Research

This may be the most significant part to success not only in your fantasy baseball mock draft but to victory on the genuine draft day also.

After you get to grips with only ranking the amount I have recommended in step one. You now have to compile all the data that you have time to research. Only, gather as much info has you candle because too much info isn’t always useful.

What I do to help me out with this BEAST of an issue is that I break it down into segments. First, I focus on the infield minus pitchers, then I move to outfielders and lastly I look pitchers including starters and relievers. This brings me to another significant problem people often screw up on, stats. What are you supposed to have a look for when inspecting each player’s statistics? Well, I could talk about this for another three or four articles, so in this case let’s just keep away from this for the point of this article and move on to step three.

Step 3 – Organization

This is fundamental to having a good draft. Without an organizational plan you will only become confused and discombobulated. My answer to this is problem is to TYPE UP and print out your rankings. YES, I suggested typing up your rankings, only because you’ll be stunned when draft day comes how often people can’t even read their own handwriting! When you type up your rankings be certain to have bold headings for each position and make it straightforward keep one position on a page.

So to sum up this step, type up and print out your rankings, don’t bring anything else to your fantasy baseball mock draft day. Keep away from all those intriguing fantasy baseball mags and stick to your ordinary typed pages. My motto is K.I.S.S., keep it simple stupid.

I hope that you took notes on some of the thing I have spoken about here. If you follow these 3 steps you will definitely have triumph in your Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft and eventually translate into your real Fantasy Baseball Draft, which may carry over to victory in your Fantasy Baseball League.

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