Fantasy Baseball 101 – How to Play Rotisserie League Scoring System

December 5, 2010

Fantasy Baseball 101: How to Play Rotisserie League Scoring System

Are you a beginner in this fantasy baseball game? Let us give you a short introduction to fantasy baseball with our rotisserie league baseball guide.

Rotisserie scoring, also called “roto,” is the most popular and most common fantasy baseball scoring system. Fantasy baseball became progressive and entered mainstream media when the system of Rotisserie League Baseball was developed in the 80s. The credit for inventing Rotisserie League Baseball was given to writer and editor Daniel Okrent.

Daniel Okrent was the person to come up with the concept of Rotisserie League Baseball and he was able to come up with the idea on a flight to Texas. He then presented his vision of this fantasy baseball game to his pals who, at first, were not at all interested in the Rotisserie League Baseball game. Okrent went back to New York and found himself another group to collaborate with and soon enough, Okrent and his friends were naming it La Rotisserie Fran軋ise.

In this early stages of fantasy baseball, the Rotisserie League Baseball had owners who would pick or draft teams from a list of active players in Major League Baseball. Okrent and his friend also used real statistics taken from the ongoing season to consolidate their scores. This was a major shift in the time line of fantasy baseball as the earlier games were based on statistics of the season that passed. With Rotisserie League Baseball it was like the fantasy baseball players were real baseball team owners who would have to make similar predictions about players and their performances to determine which players are best to pick in a draft. As Okrent was part of the media club, it was journalists and other reporters who were first introduced to the game.

Rotisserie league baseball became a full on hobby and a extremely popular game, especially as it hit the 1980s. When USA Today featured the Rotisserie League Baseball, the whole game became even more popular and mainstream which has spurred what you know as fantasy football, and even fantasy sports, today.

A special paper was also created specifically for it and was developed just for the fantasy baseball rotisserie league.

The advent of digital technology and the evolution of the Internet has turned the fantasy baseball game into a multi-million dollar industry with thousand of participants all over the world. It has also made fantasy football statistics done in a precise and speedy manner by computer. Different fantasy baseball leagues today develop a scoring system that is innately their own and the computations of their statistics are very accurate.

Fantasy baseball is exciting precisely because it is some sort of real time stimulation of the major leagues. It encourages fans of baseball to not only be spectators of the game but be participants.

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