Daily Fantasy Formats Are A Great Alternative To Tedious H2H Fantasy Baseball Season

December 18, 2010

Another Major League Baseball season is in full swing.  Jason Heyward appears to be every bit the player many thought he could be and the Cincinnati Reds are the surprise of the young season.  All should be well for baseball diehards, but something is not quite right…your Fantasy Baseball team is a mess!


The H2H Fantasy Baseball season can be a long and tedious one –especially if your team spends the better part of six months in the cellar.  Without a doubt, baseball is the Fantasy sport requiring the most attention, expertise and patience.


The slightest draft misstep can leave your team with no hope of ever getting to the top of your league.  Injuries at key sports can also bring ruin upon your once promising season.


I know the feeling of hopelessness all too well after delving into the H2H Fantasy Baseball realm just a few years ago.  I figured the success I had in H2H Fantasy Football and basketball would easily translate into success in baseball.  Boy was I in for a rude awakening!


Of the three major sports, baseball is the one I’m least knowledgeable in.  Football and basketball had easily become my sports of choice.  Sure, I would watch a MLB game from time to time and even keep up with the stars around the league.  As far as the intimate knowledge of the game needed to succeed in H2H Fantasy Baseball though, I was lost and my finish in the league reflected it.  I just couldn’t compete with guys who could give you the vital stats of every halfway decent AA Baseball prospect.


Well, thankfully for me, I discovered an alternative to the seemingly never-ending Fantasy Baseball season.  Daily Fantasy Baseball formats allowed me the opportunity to compete in H2H Fantasy Baseball without the season long commitment and in depth MLB knowledge necessary to compete successfully.


In Daily Fantasy Baseball formats, you draft, play and win daily.  No need to keep up with a roster or injury reports since you are drafting a team and competing just for a day.  These daily formats have exploded in popularity in the past few years and provide an excellent alternative to traditional H2H Fantasy Baseball seasons.

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