Colorado Rockies Tickets And A Day At Coors Field

December 15, 2010

This Denver, Colorado based team earned its position in Major League Baseball by become established in the league in 1993. Compared to others, it makes the Colorado Rockies one of the younger teams with major league affiliation for the MLB, National League and West Division; all since becoming established in 1993. The Colorado Rockies had actually been formed for two years before joining the major leagues. Their name was derived from the Rocky Mountains which are located in Colorado near Denver. Team colors for the Colorado Rockies are black, purple, silver and white. Known by nicknames such as The Rox and Blake Street Bombers, the Colorado Rockies started playing their home games at Mile High Stadium in 1993 and played there for a year before moving to the current location.

To date, the Rockies have not landed a World Series title yet but to their credit they have won a National League Pennant in 2007 and Wild card berths in 1995, 2007 and 2009. The Rockies were not the first attempt to get a MLB team to the Colorado area. First was the near miss of the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Rockies were approved by the National League at the same time as the Florida Marlins. David Nied, who was from the Atlanta Braves, was the first expansion draft pick for the Rockies. Nied would go on to pitch for four seasons for the team.

In the earlier days, the Rockies in fact did find the road similar to their name and had many losses during the early days. The first game the Rockies won at home was against the Montreal Expos and the Rockies took home a victory score of 11-4. From there forward, however, the Rockies had trouble getting back into the winning frame of mind. Many expansion teams experienced decreasing interest in such period. This wasn’t the case for the Rockies however, who set a Major League record for attendance for home games with 4,483,350 for that season. This record still stands today in the Major League.

Some ownership issues came to the light for the Rockies when an embezzlement scandal surfaced and forced two of the owners to sell out their stakes in the franchise. A third partner would be forced to sell by 2005, leaving ownership in the control of Charlie Monfort, who is the chief executive officer. The mid ’90s were somewhat of an anticlimactic time for the Rockies as a team but it was also a time when players like outfielder Mike Kingery, Andres Galarrage and Dante Bichette gained some notoriety for their playing feats during the season. It was also a time when huge numbers tallied for attendance at home games with 3,281,511 fans closing out the season for home games that year.

The Rockies play all of their home games at Coors Field, located at 2001 Blake Street in Denver, Colorado. Although the venue broke ground in October, 1992, the ballpark did not officially open until April 26, 1995. The playing surface is natural grass and the seating capacity is 50,445. For those who want to take in a game with the Rockies on the field, there are excellent sites from virtually every seat in the house. Patrons can choose from 4,526 club seats and 63 luxury suites for business or intimate personal gatherings in a setting that spares no expense.

Purple seats in the upper deck are a market for the one mile elevation point in the city. Eateries at Coors Field offer every kind of delectable from sushi to Tucson dogs, making the venue a great place to go to enjoy the Denver skyline and a great game with the Rockies.

Ticket America has some of the best seats in the house with Colorado Rockies tickets. Coors Field is a fantastic ballpark that offers luxury for virtually any budget.

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