Check Yes Tampa Bay ( Rays baby Rays) – WE THE KINGS

December 25, 2010

I don’t see why you guys are saying either of these teams suck. Let’s not forget which team hasn’t won a world series in over a century *cough*CUBS*cough* To root on The Rays in the World Series, the guys have re-done the song. LYRICS: Check yes Tampa Bay Are you listening? rays are gonna destroy the phillies Arent you glad that pena is on our side. Check yes Tampa Bay win the series Upton is crushing balls through the ceiling Three up three down when garza takes the mound Lace up your shoes, longoria. heres how we do Rays baby rays dont ever look back lets tear them apart now that we have the chance 9 = 8 Dont say we wont go all the way rays baby rays 08 world series history I dont know if these are correct, but its closee. 😀 GO RAYS! 🙂
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