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December 5, 2010

For those of you that can feel a little baseball fever coming on, Minnesota Twins tickets could be just the doctor’s order for you. When it comes to Twins baseball, an important thing to keep in mind is that things aren’t always what they seem. For example, the Twins are often called the Twinkies but the truth is that the Twins are known for playing gritty, hard-nosed baseball.

The Minnesota Twins are part of the Major League and are under affiliation with the Central Division and the American League. Their home ground is the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome and the team has six American League pennants and three World Series under their belt.

From Senators To Twins

The Minnesota Twins first hit the baseball diamond as the Washington Nationals/ Senators in 1901. As the Senators the team had a hard start right from the beginning and after momentarily wowing the crowd in 1945, they slipped into a steady rut of mediocrity. The team began to be remembered for its failures and misses and it wasn’t until the team moved to Minnesota that things began to change.

In the 1960s, the team moved and changed its name from the Senators to the Minnesota Twins. The team showed an improvement in their performance and soon fans began to line up to buy Minnesota Twins tickets. The Twins were one of the strongest teams, made up of a strong core of young talented players. In 1967 in particular, the twins made a strong run for the pennant and it was thought that the team would definitely make it big soon.

Down, Up, Down

By now, baseball fans from across the country were lining up for Minnesota Twins tickets. But something had happened. The team’s performance was dwindling in the home run and the pitching departments. This slump would last until the late eighties, when the Twins seemed to be regaining their lost form. Not only was the team improving on the whole, but they had some truly talented pitchers and batters on their roster too. In 1987 the Twins brought home the World Series Title and the team looked poised to take over the Major League.

Needless to say, Minnesota Twins tickets were a hot item and fans were just waiting for the Twins to post another big win. They did it in 1991 when they won the World Series but almost immediately following that big win, the Twins found themselves at the bottom of the pit. From 1992 to 2000 the Twins struggled to get back into gear. The millennium was rough on the team, as they had to deal with a number of deaths but their grit and determination earned them the name ‘the piranhas’, especially after their 2006 performance. The entire world of baseball seems to be waiting with baited breath to see what magic the Twins will conjure in year 2007.

The Minnesota Twins are proud to have contributed the names of Kirby Puckett, Rod Carew and Harmon Killebrew to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Minnesota Twins tickets are a fabulous way to soak up some gritty and great baseball. You can purchase their tickets online as well through an authorized ticket vendor.

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