Boston Red Sox Team: One of the Top choices of Fans when it comes to Baseball Merchandise

December 11, 2010

Boston Red Sox fans no doubt still have some kind of euphoric hangover from their recent World Series win, even though it was almost two year ago. The Boston Red Sox Team won the 2007 World Series, the 103rd World Series played in Major League Baseball. A talented Boston Red Sox Team beat out the National League champion’s, the Colorado Rockies, who were making their first World Series appearance winning the championship in four games.

Fans of the team were ecstatic, as the Red Sox took their second World Series in only four seasons – the seventh overall for a team that has been at a top level for such a long time. That is probably why, according to, one of the leading online retailers of sports related merchandise, Boston Red Sox Merchandise are some of the fastest moving items in their store, that and a strong tradition of winning and playing hard that has endeared them to their legion of fans.

Boston Red Sox Team History

The Boston Red Sox team history is quite a long and colorful one. The Red Sox have been with the league since 1901, probably longer than any living fan today. For the majority of that time, from 1912 actually, they called Fenway Park their home stadium. The Bosox, as their fans call them, were one of the American League’s eight charter franchises.

While with the American league, they were THE team to beat, taking the first World Series in 1903 against the Pittsburgh Pirates. They again took four more World Series wins by 1918, raising their total to five. But then came the longest championship drought in league history – no championships for the Bosox from then on until they finally won another one in 2004, and then again in 2007.

Part of the reason they were unable to secure a championship during those times was the move of the Red Sox owner to move who could be the most famous baseball player of them all – Babe Ruth. On December 26, 1919, the Boston Red Sox team sent Babe Ruth (a six season veteran then) to the New York Yankees. As we all know, the Yankees soared while the Red Sox languished during those years. Thankfully for the fans, the Red Sox recaptured their mojo to be one of the best teams of the current decade.

Boston Red Sox Memorabilia

Aside from the history of winning and the fanatical fans, what makes Boston Red Sox Memorabilia so compelling to the fans. A quick peek at what types of memorabilia the site has to offer quickly gives an answer.

The page that holds the Boston Red Sox Gifts is a veritable treasure trove of valuable minted coins and photo mints of your favorite Red Sox milestones and players – the type fans will be inclined to display and be proud of. Here you will find things such as a Red Sox 24kt Gold & Infield Dirt 3 Coin Set that has three minted coins honouring the team and the field they’ve played in for decades. Beside it you may find something like a Manny Ramirez 24kt Gold Coin Photo Mint that has commemorative team coins, sometimes in gold, and sometimes in silver, all or most are quite valuable, and will surely be more valuable as time passes.

Boston Red Sox memorabilia on this site is not just all about cards, or little doohickeys like other stores, these items are premium items that serious collectors seek. Serious collectors know that toys and trinkets lose their value quickly, but a good piece of memorabilia can last several lifetimes, and may even be a good family heirloom one day.

Boston Red Sox Jerseys

Another one of the bestsellers on the site are Boston Red Sox Jerseys. Little wonder they’re so popular as the Boston Red Sox command a pretty large fan base. And with fan friendly players such as Manny Ramirez, Jason Varitek, Jon Lester, Daisuke Matsuzaka, and David Ortiz, there’s no wonder Boston Red Sox jerseys rocketed to the top of their list.

The site offers a fine selection of replica jerseys that fit adults, teens, and even infants – presumably for the Boston Red Sox-crazy family – and jerseys for men and women. The jerseys come in the home whites and alternate reds. There is also one thing that is sure to attract every Boston Red Sox fan, not to mention any other baseball fan out there – a replica throwback jersey of the great babe Ruth.

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