Boston Red Sox Team Merchandise is Bestseller in Online Baseball Memorabilia Store

December 10, 2010

The popularity of a mlb team’s merchandise is directly proportional to the size of its fan base. Little wonder that the Boston Red Sox have such a great history of merchandise sales. The team’s fans are legion. Not only are they one of the most successful teams of the decade, having won two World Series Championships in the last four years (for a total of seven as a franchise), they are also one of the teams most steeped in history.

The Red Sox have been in existence since 1901, far longer than any fan can remember. The team was there from the beginning of the league, being one of the eight charter franchises. During those early years, they were the dominant power in baseball. They took the first World Series in 1903 against the Pittsburgh Pirates and again four more times before 1919. However, after that came the longest drought in league history. Oh yes they came close many times, but only in 2004, more than 80 years after their last win did they again recapture the World Series Championships. And of course, they did it again last 2007 and even today figure to be one of the top contenders.

Boston Red Sox Gifts
The enormity of the Red Sox fan base is such that you would certainly easily find someone you know who is a fan of the team to some degree. This enormous fan base has given rise to the manufacturing of many gift items targeted at these fans. Little wonder then that if you do know a Red Sox fan, it’s bound to be quite easy to find a gift item for him or for her. All you have to do is click on an item online and you’re done.

Here are some gift suggestions you can consider as gifts for die hard Red Sox fans:

Topping the list of potential Boston Red Sox Gifts you can buy are memorabilia items such as replica mini helmets and Red Sox team trinket boxes. However, for more serious fans, there are high value minted commemorative coins as well as limited edition photo mints of prominent players, both active and those already in the hall of fame. There are also limited edition commemorative coin sets that celebrate important Boston Red Sox milestones, which are sure to become important and valuable collector’s items in the years to come.

Boston Red Sox Jewelry
Another category that has enjoyed an upsurge in sales is the Boston Red Sox Jewelry category. The section contains a lot of items to choose from, starting with casual wearing silver earrings made in the likeness of the Red Sox Logo, logo shaped pendants, rings, and logo embossed watches.

Boston Red Sox jewelry is best worn casually, especially if you are able to complete a game time ensemble that combines team apparel and matching jewelry. You will surely be the best dressed die hard Red Sox fan at the stadium. However, you can also wear your Red Sox themed jewelry at the office, as some of the bracelets and necklaces, and even watches are so well crafted that they complement office attire pretty well. There are watches of every make, every model, and every size – for men, women, and kids too. There are leather strap watches, chronographs, classic silver strap watches and even Velcro strap models that cling to your wrist no matter how hard you swing a bat.

Wearing team-themed jewelry is a good way to break the monotony of office wear, without compromising dress code. It may even be a way for you to start a conversation among fellow Boston Red Sox fans at the office whom you never knew to be fans.

Boston Red Sox Home Decor
Last of the list of top sellers is Boston Red Sox home décor. There are two possible explanations for this phenomenon. It is either Boston Red Sox fans really just love their team so much that they are willing to populate their home with team-themed furniture, or second, the furniture really just looks great and are comfortable to use. Of course there could be a third explanation – which is that fans do love the team, and the items really are of high quality and are quite comfy too. The sure money is on the third.

You can get Boston Red Sox Home D̩cor for your living room, bedroom, TV room, Рand yes even the bathroom. The living room will look good with a Boston Red Sox video chair or two near the TV, and maybe a red Sox Big Daddy recliner a little to the side. There are also Red Sox kitchen utensils, placemats, salt and peppershakers, and serving trays. The bedroom could even be improved by several Red Sox pillows here and there and maybe a Red Sox headboard, which will surely have you dreaming of more pennants and World Series wins while you sleep.

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