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December 17, 2010

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) February 26, 2007

Yankees-Red Sox. Red Sox-Yankees. You might disagree which team is first, but one point is certain – this is the most storied and heated rivalry in all of baseball. Maybe in all of sports. Now that spring training has started, and opening day nears, a Boston Red Sox fan and a New York Yankees fan have united to create a blog and web site where readers can celebrate, discuss and debate all things Red Sox, Yankees and baseball.

Jeff Louderback, a professional journalist and author, and a lifelong Red Sox fan; and Vincent Mercandetti, a broadcast journalism student at Quinnipiac University and a lifelong Yankees fan, launched Sox and Pinstripes ( on February 25.

“Blogging is a form of journalism that is becoming more popular and recognized as each week passes – especially in the world of sports,” Louderback said. “It is a natural that we would create a blog dedicated to the greatest and most heated rivalry in sports. There’s no doubt that Red Sox fans and Yankees fans are dedicated, and they like to demonstrate that devotion by reading and posting on blogs.”

The idea for Sox and Pinstripes was hatched last fall, after the World Series ended. Louderback, a former sportswriter for a daily newspaper in Ohio who has written freelance features his entire 16-year career and also serves as senior editor of OverTime Magazine (a national business and lifestyle magazine for and about professional athletes), had started BoSox Banter (, a Red Sox-specific blog. He was so impressed with the following of Red Sox and Yankees fans that he approached Mercandetti about developing Sox and Pinstripes.

Designed by writer and web designer Eyal Goldshmid, the site features a multitude of links to sports and baseball news web sites, media outlets that cover the Red Sox and Yankees, minor league affiliates of both teams, and blogs about baseball, Red Sox and the Yankees. Sox and Pinstripes will also include Q&As with media members who cover the Sox and Yankees, original articles on top prospects of both teams and occasional guest columns baseball figures.

“Baseball is not just a sport to many Red Sox and Yankees fans, it is a passion,” Louderback said. “Sox and Pinstripes will have daily postings throughout spring training, the regular season, the post season and the off-season. For many fans of both teams, baseball is a year-round sport.”


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