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December 26, 2010

(PRWEB) March 15, 2004

The AFA National Semi-Pro Football Association recently released the details of their new power rating categories. After much discussion about which ‘leagues’ should be placed in each of the AFA’s 3 tier classifications (AAA-AA-A) and a stringent review of 5 years worth game data from semi-pro teams from coast-to-coast, the AFA has confidence on which teams belong in each of the sports 3 different levels.

“While team and league administrators peruse the list (and levels) of leagues published below, we anticipate there may be some feedback from leagues disagreeing with which tier their leagues in”, says AFA president, Ron Real. “Realizing some leagues actually may not have a very good knowledge of what level they are playing at as compared to other leagues across the country, we will allow league commissioners to ‘appeal’ league tier placement up to 30 days before the start of their first league game”, added Real.

Because the structure of most leagues is made up of teams that are of varying degrees of talent levels, a leagueÂ’s overall rating is now established by the top organizationÂ’s ability, as one that can compete on the AAA level with other triple A type teams.

The AFA national office anticipates its most vocal critics of the new rating system will come from leagues who have been seeded as AA level teams thinking their level of play has not been accurately evaluated prior to the announcement of the 3 different levels.

By categorizing the leagues into AAA-AA and A levels and separating the 62 different leagues into two distinct seasons (Spring leagues and Fall leagues) the AFA is paving the way to establish National Championships for each of the 3 levels at the conclusion of their appropriate semi-pro football seasons; six (6) in all.

The new power rating system will assist most teams and leagues in the AA category as those teams will be rated on their own level and not mixed in with the AAA leagues as they had been previously.

The AFA is hoping the commissioners of AA tier leagues will take a good look at the big picture of where their teams are rated once they are not competing with AAA leagues in the AFA weekly ‘power ratings’ this year. Another factor that will improve a league’s overall team rating is that teams will no longer be segregated into East/West geographical divisions.

Team and league administrators are reminded that the AFA’s ‘power ratings’ do not go into effect until after a teamÂ’s 3rd game (score) has been reported to the American Football News score reporting office.

The new AFA ‘power rating’ league/tier categories for the 2004 semi-pro football seasons are as follows:


Great Plains Football League

Golden State Amateur Football League*

Gulf Coast Football Association

Oklahoma Football League

Rocky Mountain Football League

Southeast Football League

Southern States Football League

Texas United Football League


Arizona Football League

Copper State Football Association

Diamond Football League

Florida Football League

Golden State Amateur Football League*

Hawaii Football League

Inland Northwest Football League

New Mexico Football League

Oregon Football League

Texas International Football League

Texas United Football Association

West Texas Football League


National Public Safety Football League

Southwest Football League of Texas (Spring)

Total Impact Football League

West Coast Football Association

West Coast Public Safety Football League


California Football Association

Eastern Football League

Empire Football League

Garden State Football League

Mason-Dixon Football League

Mid-America Football League

Mid-Continental Football League

Mid-States Football League

Minor League Football Association

New England Football League*

North American Football League

Northwest Football League

Southeastern American Football League

Southern Football League

Southwest Football League

United Football League

FALL AA (16)

Appalachian Football League

Chicago Metro Football League

Chicagoland Football League

Cross Roads Football League

Greater Midwest Football Conference

Interstate Football League

Lakeshore Football League

Midwest Football League of Indiana

Millennium Football League

New England Football League*

New York Amateur Football League

Ohio Valley Football League

Original Midwest Football League

South Atlantic Minor League Football

Tri-States Football League

West Coast Football League

FALL A (5)

New England Football League*

Northeast Football Association

Southern American Football League

Ultimate Football League

Wisconsin State Football League

League splits its teams into classifications already.

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