100 Purposeful Women Entrepreneurs Plant Seed for 1,000 Strong Movement: Ellie Drake Puts BraveHeart Women Global Community in Motion

December 13, 2010

(PRWEB) May 16, 2007 –

BraveHeart Global Community, a members-only club designed to motivate women entrepreneurs like nothing before, formed this month, offering 100 purposeful women the chance to thrive in confidence and thereby create prosperity. BraveHeart Women are truly women in full, harmonizing their many roles – wife, mother, working woman, entrepreneur – into a sparkling whole. Don’t fret if you were not one of the first 100. BraveHeart Global Community will be 1,000 strong in only 90 days.

Ellie Drake was inspired more than two years ago to create BraveHeart Global Community, offering her lived experience and her heart for women’s success in free enterprise to motivate women to be better then they can even imagine.

Drake is a marvel among entrepreneurs. Her wisdom was gathered from hard-earned experience. A one-time immigrant to the US with little English and less money, she had all the reason she needed not to try. However, Drake found the secrets to project her exceptional inner strength outward . She would not be denied. Now, a multi-million dollar business woman, best-selling author, a speaker who can both motivate and instruct, a loving wife and mother, Drake is driven to share her purpose with women entrepreneurs.

On February 10, in Atlanta at nearly 4 pm, Drake anointed women entrepreneurs attending the final stage of advanced training as the inaugural BraveHeart Global Community. A surge of excitement filled the room; women in the room were energized. Now their goal was to motivate other women entrepreneurs with the same vision Drake carefully cultivated in them.

These BraveHeart Women Global Community Founding Members are united by a call to action to add 1,000 women to the community within 90 days. And while the special title founding member is reserved for the women present at the start, the next 1,000 members will be called BraveHeart Women Prosperity Partners. Drake, the Founding Members and the Prosperity Partners will motivate one another toward creating prosperity.

Community members receive the following priceless premiums:

Esthetically-pleasing and marketing-savvy websites

Cutting edge online enhancements, including Flash animations, slide shows of women’s family and loved ones, a blog and the ability to send eCards

Exclusive members only discussion board

Supercharged marketing through professionally written copy, radio ads and an infomercial

A special call of the month teleconference with Ellie, sure to motivate and educate

a portion of proceeds raised going toward the BraveHeart Kidz Foundation, designed to uplift and support children worldwide

Now every woman entrepreneur has the power to set their business in motion. Motivate yourself by belonging to something bigger. Join BraveHeart Women Global Community.

About Ellie Drake (www.BraveHeartWomen.com)

Savvy businesswoman and entrepreneur, in-demand motivational speaker, doctor and inspiration to men and women around the globe, Ellie Drake is a multi-dimensional success. She maintains a demanding schedule of personal appearances, a successful global community as well as a series of web sites, each offering insights, newsletters and products designed to help individuals achieve their personal best.


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